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Sagittabondo - Ancient Corn Comics

Sagittabondo - Ancient Corn Comics

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Stone-ground wholemeal Antico Mais Fumetto flour .

Ancient Piedmontese Corn Flour for Traditional Polenta.

Our Sagittabondo is obtained from the grinding of a bland of ancient Piedmontese corn including Pignoletto Rosso, Pignoletto Giallo, Ottofile, Marano and some others, grown within the Piedmontese territory more precisely in Ivrea (To).

The bramata flour is rustic with a very balanced taste .

Corn Bland allows us to harmonize the different nuances of both taste (sometimes more bitter, sometimes sweeter) and colours.

The flours are not refined and are rich in fibre, minerals, proteins and vitamins and by leaving some of the bran petals in the flour all the aromas of the corn will be enhanced during cooking.

Superior flavour, aroma and nutritional properties.

In the kitchen: Cooking varies between 50 and 70 minutes, you can then combine it with any meat or cheese, but eaten alone you can appreciate all the flavor of the past.

In desserts: The use of bramata mixed with other flours to make desserts such as cakes and biscuits is interesting.

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The product may contain traces
of gluten, nuts, soy, sesame, mustard, lupins.

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