100% Piedmontese, they are all natural flours free of chemical substances and are distinguished by the origin of the wheat varieties grown in the suggestive
Piedmontese territory and in the Susa Valley.

They are obtained from fine cereals that
celebrate the passion for good food and elevate every culinary creation. Their controlled origin, exceptional nutritional characteristics and versatility in the kitchen make them the perfect companions for demanding professionals in the sector.

Discover our entire range and transform every dough into a masterpiece of taste and consistency!

Barbrial® flour: an entirely Alpine and Piedmontese tradition

Barbrial derives from an ancient mixed cultivation technique of ancient wheat and rye grown together in the field: therefore not a mixture of two flours amalgamated in the laboratory but a mixture in the field, where the aromas and particular characteristics arise from the natural cross-pollination of the two species.

In the cold mountain areas this type of cultivation, already in use since 1700, guaranteed the possibility of obtaining more easily digestible breads unlike rye alone.

Barbrial has a very particular fragrance and scent and an intense flavour.

The Agricultural Supply Chain

There is an inseparable link between soil health, biodiversity and human well-being: when soils are healthy, populations are healthy...

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Excellent flours for master craftsmen

100% Piedmontese, these natural and chemical-free flours are obtained from fine cereals grown in the Susa Valley and in the Piedmontese mountain and piedmont area...

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The project

This is the story of the ancient water mill that comes back to life, in the municipality of Bruzolo just over forty kilometers from Turin...

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The BES is the meeting point on ethical and sustainable values:
worthy prices for producers, healthy food, certainty of origin, etc.. between agricultural companies and processing companies that want to undertake a path based on respect for roles.