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Gift voucher

Gift voucher

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Mulino Valsusa Gift Voucher, gives the pleasure of choice


1. Mulino Valsusa Gift Vouchers allow you to purchase products on the website or at the company store

2. An appreciated last minute gift or one planned a year in advance

3. Gift Vouchers are valid for three years from the date of issue/purchase



Digital Gift Voucher

Delivery method

Sent by email

Shipping methods

In a few minutes

Personalized message


Product description

A sure-fire gift: the recipient can use the Gift Voucher to purchase the products they want most on the website, have them delivered by courier or collect them from the company store.

You receive an email which, when opened, will take you to the page with the reserved code and the value available.

You can print at home at any time and donate by hand, or you can send the Gift Card file via email or messaging app.


The Gift Voucher is sent in electronic format without any additional shipping costs: at the time of purchase, the customer will be sent a purchase confirmation email indicating the amount and characteristics of the Gift Voucher.



What is the Gift Voucher

The Gift Voucher is a non-nominal virtual card that can be purchased online by the Customer on the website managed by Mulino Valsusa Srl, issued to bearer, which can be used for future purchases or to give as a gift to relatives and friends.

The Gift Voucher is sent via e-mail and can be used immediately, as follows, for the purchase of products on the Site or at the Mulino Valsusa company store.

The Gift Voucher allows only one payment method and is not intended in any way as a financial instrument.

Validity period

The Gift Voucher can be used within three years from the date of receipt of the purchase confirmation email sent to the recipient of the Gift Voucher, unless the credit is exhausted before this deadline. It will be possible at any time to check the precise expiry date of the Site voucher.


The Gift Voucher will be issued for the amount chosen by the Customer between €25, €50 or €100.

Discounts and/or promotions of any kind cannot be applied to the purchase of the Gift Voucher.

It does not involve any issuing or activation costs or commissions for use. It is not rechargeable.

The recipient of the Gift Voucher will receive the Voucher code via email.

The Gift Voucher can be spent in multiple ways and can therefore be used both on the Site and at the Mill shop, until the value is completely exhausted.

The value of each purchase made will be deducted from the remaining amount of the Gift Voucher.

If the value of the Gift Voucher is not exhausted by its expiry, the Customer will not be entitled to a change or refund of any kind.

The Gift Voucher cannot be converted into cash and the balance cannot be returned to the Customer in any form.

It cannot be used to purchase other Gift Vouchers.

If the value of the Gift Voucher is insufficient to make the desired purchase, the missing amount must be paid by the Customer using the payment methods accepted on the Site. The amount associated with the card does not accrue interest.

Loss or theft

The Gift Voucher is bearer type, is not nominative and can be used by anyone who presents it to make a purchase. The holder of the Voucher is solely responsible for its use and safekeeping. If lost, the Voucher cannot be blocked, replaced or refunded.

No responsibility can be attributed to the Seller for improper or fraudulent use of the Gift Voucher by third parties.

Terms of use

The issuing and use of a Gift Voucher implies acceptance of these conditions of use, available on the Site and at Mulino Valsusa and valid until explicitly modified or replaced.

Correct use of the Gift Voucher 

The Seller reserves the right to verify the correct use of the Gift Voucher and to intervene in the event of proven violations.

Gift Vouchers obtained through any fraudulent or illegal means will be considered null and void.

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