Here we are in the heart of culinary creativity where the flours of the Valsusa Mill, the key element of every creation presented here, become the inspiration for a world of delights in the kitchen, making us travel through a universe of photographic suggestions that fuel the desire to create and experiment in Kitchen.

Each photo tells a story, a story of creativity, authentic flavors and culinary pleasures: here flour is not just an ingredient, but a blank canvas on which to paint the colors and flavors of your imagination.

Let yourself be carried away by our professionals in the sector who, with their expert craftsmanship, transform each flour into an opportunity to excel and amaze; let yourself be inspired by the photos and start creating tasty and unforgettable memories in your kitchen, accompanied by the quality and tradition of Mulino Valsusa.

The value of our flours lies - also - in their versatility:
experiment, explore, create. The possibilities are endless and surpass your talent time after time!

Orecchiette tiballetti with meatballs and sheep scamorza