Accidental Allergens


Given the growing problem relating to the contamination of wheat by the mustard allergen, in order to guarantee the safety of consumers allergic to this component, we inform you that our brand products may contain traces of mustard due to accidental contamination.

At the suggestion of the Ministry of Health and trade associations, we believe it is necessary to provide information for precautionary purposes, in order to guarantee maximum protection of the health of our consumers, taking into account the difficult management of such a sudden and widespread contamination.

The accidental presence of the mustard allergen originates, in fact, from contamination in the field or during the primary transformation process of wheat flours and, to date, there are critical issues in the analysis methods used to search for the mustard allergen in foods.

We intend to reassure our consumers by informing that we are progressively adapting the labels of the products involved by integrating the new warning.

Quoting the words:

The product contains gluten and may contain traces of nuts , soy, sesame, mustard, lupins.