La via francigena

The Via Francigena

Sagra San Michele Via Francigena


The Francigena path along the orographic left of the Dora Riparia starts from Bussoleno and runs alongside the railway line, until reaching the hamlet of Grangia di Chianocco. The route continues on an asphalt road passing in front of the ancient safe (12th century), an interesting example of architecture Romanesque civil. Located at the entrance to the Chianocco Ravine Reserve, the town is made up of numerous hamlets but its oldest heart in the Campoasciutto area is characterized by the majestic fortified complex of the Castle (13th century) and the Parish Church of San Pietro Apostolo in front , built following the flood that destroyed the Romanesque one, of which only the bell tower remains; Also noteworthy is the cemetery chapel of Sant'Ippolito (11th century), decorated with valuable frescoes dating back to the 15th century.

The road descends towards the Vindrolere hamlet and, crossing an area full of vegetable gardens, crops, woods and vineyards, passes the first houses of Bruzolo: you pass next to an ancient forge operated by a hydraulic system, one of the most complex proto-industrial architectures of the Susa Valley.

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