Recovery project for a structure from 1884

One hundred percent zero km supply chain: it will only process raw materials from the Valley

It's called Mulino Valsusa. And, already in the name, it merges the ambition of a project that wants to relaunch an entire territory. The works for the recovery of the ancient water mill from 1884, which remained active until the early 1980s, are proceeding at full speed in Bruzolo: it will return to operation thanks to the resourcefulness of Massimiliano Spigolon. It is the first in the Valley recovered not only for educational purposes.

But this is not just a business venture. The foundations of the project are not simply based on the processing of the raw material, although this is its natural path, but in creating a trait d'union that constitutes the link between the Val Susina production chain, made up of agricultural producers, the future mill , and the bakers, pasta factories and pastry chefs of the valley.

The Mill will try to build over time, and with everyone's help, a one hundred percent zero kilometer supply chain . Therefore, Mulino Valsusa is a brand that will identify raw materials born, produced and transformed in the Susa Valley . « I believe it is strategic, in 2019, to launch a food sovereignty project that will have a positive impact on productive, cultural and tourist activities in the area » states Spigolon.

One of the most complex aspects is the agricultural sector where interest in crops and varieties has been lost - both due to territorial difficulties and economic sustainability. « We are collaborating with local entities and Crea, the Council for agricultural research and analysis of the agricultural economy, to bring back to the Susa Valley some varieties of ancient grains that are better from a health, nutritional and environmental point of view. An aspect that also focuses on safeguarding a biodiversity already present in the area in the past » continues Spigolon. Obviously, we don't just stop at wheat processing but our gaze is already focused on other crops and Valsusine excellences.

The renovation and reactivation project of the Mill's supply chains required an investment of over 400 thousand euros, an expense incurred without public contributions. Mulino Valsusa is the first mill in the valley to come back to life, not only for educational purposes, but above all for production purposes. It will stand out for the combination of tradition and technology, using, as in the past, natural stone millstones (to produce flours of considerable value), but also technological tools for better control and automation of the activity. « The objective is to respond to an increasingly felt need, that of knowing what we eat and where it comes from, above all to guarantee a better future for generations to come » states Spigolon. Who chose a claim that summarizes all this: «Mulino Valsusa. For a better future." He adds: « The Mill becomes that project that the Susa Valley was missing, capable of generating enthusiasm and reviving collaborations, capable of developing short supply chains and local agricultural production. We met and shared the project with many people who involve the entire supply chain, able to make their own intellectual and practical contribution ."

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