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Spreading on a baking tray

Laying it on the pan is a crucial step in the preparation of baked products such as pizza and focaccia. This process not only determines the final shape of the product, but also affects the texture, crunchiness and even distribution of the ingredients.

Drafting Techniques:

  1. Preparation of the tray :

    • Before rolling out the dough, the baking tray should be properly prepared. This may include lightly greasing the surface to prevent the dough from sticking and help it cook evenly. Some bakers choose to dust the pan with flour, semolina or even parchment paper for added non-sticking benefits.
  2. Spreading the dough :

    • The dough should be rolled out gently to avoid completely deflating the gas bubbles formed during fermentation. The goal is to distribute the dough evenly in the pan without pressing it too much, maintaining a certain air in the structure which will contribute to the lightness of the finished product.
    • For focaccia, it is common to make small "fingerprints" on the surface of the dough, which not only give the product its characteristic appearance but also help to retain oil and other seasonings, enriching the flavor.
  3. Rest :

    • After you have rolled the dough into the pan, it is often advantageous to let it rest for a short time before baking. This allows the dough to relax, reducing elasticity and allowing for a final rise before entering the oven. This step is essential to obtain a desired final structure, with a crunchy external crust and a soft and airy interior.
  4. Condiments and garnishes :

    • Before cooking, the dough can be seasoned with various ingredients such as coarse salt, rosemary, olive oil, and other flavorings which not only improve the taste but also contribute to the crunchiness of the surface during cooking.

Cooking Considerations:

  • The temperature and cooking time must be carefully monitored to ensure that the dough is cooked evenly without burning. Proper cooking ensures that the surface is golden and crispy, while the interior remains soft and light.

Spreading on the pan, if done correctly, can transform a simple dough into a crunchy and inviting delight, essential in pizzerias and bakeries.

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